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Arthur Rubinstein
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Chopin: Nocturnes - Sony Classical Originals

From the ORIGINALS series Rubinstein's recordings of Chopin's Nocturnes are among the world's best recordings of this repertoire. On 2 CDs in superb remastered sound quality. "Wonderful, astonishing, incomprehensible is not only the technical clarity of his playing, [also] the touching, in slow movements heart-moving elegance of his phrasing, the stormy temperament of his outbursts. All this weighs a lot, wants to be conquered, preserved and kept alive." (Joachim Kaiser) "In Chopin, Rubinstein becomes a magician of timbres, nuances, and the indispensable Rubato. These are sonically the best recordings of his Chopin series on RCA." (Penguin Guide) ADD, remastered


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