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Xavier De Maistre - Serenata Española

Serenata Española

Serenata Española features the unique collaboration between Xavier de Maistre and Flamenco legend & castanets soloist Lucero Tena. Xavier and Lucero were introduced to each other by conductor Jesús López Cobos. Xavier de Maistre fell in love with Lucero' story and personality. Shortly after, they decided to record a repertoire they had in common: Spanish Music. The album features compositions by Albeniz, Granados, Tarrega and de Falla, arranged for harp and castanets. Xavier de Maistre and Lucero Tena have established their instruments, harp & castanets, as solo instruments in concert halls which makes the project very special. The project has been recorded in one of the most beautiful halls in Paris, the “Galerie Dorée” at the Hotel de Toulouse, which has been featured in movies like "Vatel" and "Marie Antoinette".

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