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Teodor Currentzis
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Teodor Currentzis - Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.6

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.6

Teodor Currentzis and his MusicAeterna return to the Russian repertoire for their latest recording and with a key work from a composer close to their hearts: Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 "Pathétique". About the recording Teodor Currentzis says: "What I want to bring to this music is not the strong emotionality or the big sound or the excellent form. The thing that I want to bring is the "flower of the wound", the perfection of 110 musicians gathering to have a ceremony for the wounds we endure, not to merely play a concert. It is completely different. Not taking it in objectively as a kind of performance of this music, but as something else. To talk about our wounds and our experiences. So this is very important."

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