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Esther Abrami’s eponymous debut album will be released on February 4th on Sony Classical. The album is a creative melting pot of different styles of classical music –full of new and inspiring compositions. Collaborating with a great variety of contemporary  composers  and  musicians  as  well  as  the  Vienna  Radio Symphony  Orchestra,  Esther Abrami has set a creative musical landmark representing a new generation of classical musicians. The 25-year-old violinist, named “Best Influential Star” by Forbes magazine, became known as an influencer on TikTok and Instagram. There she reaches millions of young people with her creative videos, who thus discover classical music for themselves. In 2019, Esther Abrami became the first classical musician ever nominated in the Social Media Superstar category at the Global Awards. Through TikTok and Instagram she has welcomed a whole new audience into her musical world, sharing welcome practice and sight-reading videos together with tips and helpful techniques for aspiring young musicians. So far, her passion for music has united more than 295k followers on TikTok, 241k followers on Instagram and 125k followers on YouTube.

She is as equally at home in the classical world as when covering modern hits or challenging herself to learn how to play songs in an hour only. Esther Abrami studied at the Royal College of Music and was awarded a full scholarship for a Master’s degree at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. She plays a fine Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume violin, kindly loaned to her through the Beare’s International Violin Society. Listed by Julian Lloyd Webber as one of the ‘30 under 30’ classical artists to watch’ on Classic FM, Esther is on her way to being acknowledged as one of the most promising young classical music artists of her generation. With more than 300k views on her latest single, and a highly-anticipated debut album on its way, Esther has fast become a new artist to watch beyond the classical genre.

For Esther Abrami’s debut album composer  and  pianist  Alexis  Ffrench,  neo-classical  pianist  Annelie,  pianist  and composer Alban Claudin, Oscar-winning composer Rachel Portman, cellist and composer Julian  Llyod  Webber  and  film-composer  Jacob  Shea  contributed  new  compositions .  Next  to  this,  the  album  features  original  compositions  by  Clara  Schumann  and  Amy Beach as well as several unique new arrangements of some of the most famous classical melodies by Pjotr Tchaikovsky, Eric Satie or Frédéric Chopin.

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